Canada 150 – Tell us how you’re celebrating motorcycle style

HAPPY 150th BIRTHDAY CANADA! ¬†Share your ūüá®ūüᶠadventures. ¬†Do you have an epic road trip planned? Keeping it local? Ripping it on the track or riding the ruts in the boonies?

Share your adventures with us!¬† Continue reading “Canada 150 – Tell us how you’re celebrating motorcycle style”

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Episode 9 What the Farkle is a Tiddler? Intrigued – watch & find out!

Pull up a chair and settle in for an adventure with¬†the Farkle Garage Gang¬†they’ve been busy, and it’s just in time for the start of riding season!¬†

Clive shows us his Tiddler Рintrigued?! Keep watching! The gang talks about electric bikes Рwave of the future or glimmer from the past? You might be surprised.  Steve breaks down his race bike, a vintage 1971 Honda CB500 giving it some TLC.  Next up in the garage is an update on the Peashooter story his Harley 350 Single. You can check out the original story here!

Clive, Bev, and Steve hanging out.

New Segment called Bev’s Barn with a look at a bike that spent time in the Guggenheim Museum in New York – We all know that motorcycles are a work of art, ask anyone who loves their bike!

Clive shares a #WTFarkle segment.

The gang goes off-road with  Don Hatton РADV BMW trainer and Baja Rally veteran.

All this and more on this episode of Farkle Garage!  \m/


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Episode 8! New digs, New Look, New Season!

Pull up a chair and join the Farkle Garage Gang for 30 minutes of Motorcycle TV.¬†In episode 8 the gang is hanging out at Bucky’s Taphouse¬†talking bike with other riders and rocking out to¬†the Farkle Garage Band – Ken, Scotty and Jack. \m/

What does music and motorcycling have in common? Both are therapy.¬† Check out Steve’s human farkle and Clive brings a whole new meaning to the idea of Take Out and Ride to Eat with this unique farkle, the Muffpot.¬† Producer Ray takes us to the Baja. Check out this and more!


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Farkle Garage – 15 Second Intro

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Farkle Garage – 30 Second Intro

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Farkle Garage Episode 7 – Saddle Time!

This episode is all about “saddle time”! The gang rips around the South Island Loop, Paul & Clive Iron Butt it to Idaho to visit Klim HQ, Dar meets up with some Postie Bike riders on an epic journey, and Steve dusts off his racing gear! Special Guests Brian & Dayanira Mendoza Domingues stop by to relive their 2 year odyssey. Motorcycle journalist, TV presenter and producer of Neale Bayly Rides joins us in the garage to talk TV and gives us his take on Vancouver Island. All this and more on this episode of Farkle Garage.

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Farkle Garage Backgrounder – The Harley Shovel Heads of Langford

Shaw TV Community Access Show, Farkle Garage host, Clive Brown visits the shovel heads at Phoenix Cycle in Langford, BC. After some digging of his own, Clive learns that the Harley-Davidson shovel head is the motorcycle responsible for that infamous Harley “potato, potato, potato” sound, a sound that is getting harder to hear as mechanics like the boys at Phoenix, disappear.

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Farkle Garage Episode 6 – More Stories!

Inspired by this 15 year old motocross champ, the Farkle gang rolls around in the dirt themselves. Greg from Cyclops Adventure Sports brightens up the garage and our pal Bev drops by with an awesome FN and a heroic war story about a guy who risked his life for his bike. All this and more on this episode of Farkle Garage.

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Farkle Garage Episode 5 – Spring Rides, Vancouver Motorcycle Show & More!

Spring is in the air! Time to tune up bikes and riders. We visit the rider’s candy store, Vancouver Motorcycle Show, meet the cutest biker you’ve ever seen and we visit a dream bike maker who loves the oldies. Plus, Clive shares some old dates he’s found.

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Farkle Garage Backgrounder – Steve’s 1929 Peashooter & Builder Ray Prince

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