Highway 4 Vancouver Island – Rider’s paradise

I recently rode to Tofino on a motorcycle weekend getaway with my husband.  The roads are narrow and twisty – riding nirvana! The scenery is stunning.  If you haven’t ridden Vancouver Island’s Hwy 4, you are missing out! The treasure at the end HWY 4 is the Pacific Rim National Park where Long Beach is located and is a BC surfer mecca.  Just ask Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was out here ripping the waves last summer. At one end of the park is Ucluelet which in the first people’s Nuu chal-nuth language means “People of Safe Harbour” on the other end is the fishing hamlet of Tofino which is situated on the picturesque Clayoquot Sound.

Both communities are accessed via Hwy 4, which is a very isolated stretch of road on Vancouver Island. Tofino and Ucluelet draw tourists from around the globe to take advantage of the stunning scenery, ocean adventures, hiking/camping and the best motorcycle twisties!

Stop by the Visitor Centre to learn a little bit about the area.

On your ride in stop at the Ellis River and dangle your feet in the icy cold water and enjoy the scenery.

Next stop at Long Beach located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and take a stroll on the beach and wiggle your toes in the sand.

Go for a stroll on Long Beach to find the Red Chairs perched on a rock, the view is incredible!  You will find these chairs in most of Canada’s National Parks which encourages visitors to sit and take in the view.

Once you’ve had enough beach time leisurely make your way into Tofino and explore this eclectic little hamlet.  There are quaint shops to browse in and great places to eat! Enjoy your stay!


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Canada 150 – Tell us how you’re celebrating motorcycle style

HAPPY 150th BIRTHDAY CANADA!  Share your 🇨🇦 adventures.  Do you have an epic road trip planned? Keeping it local? Ripping it on the track or riding the ruts in the boonies?

Share your adventures with us!  Continue reading “Canada 150 – Tell us how you’re celebrating motorcycle style”

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Episode 9 What the Farkle is a Tiddler? Intrigued – watch & find out!

Pull up a chair and settle in for an adventure with the Farkle Garage Gang they’ve been busy, and it’s just in time for the start of riding season! 

Clive shows us his Tiddler – intrigued?! Keep watching! The gang talks about electric bikes – wave of the future or glimmer from the past? You might be surprised.  Steve breaks down his race bike, a vintage 1971 Honda CB500 giving it some TLC.  Next up in the garage is an update on the Peashooter story his Harley 350 Single. You can check out the original story here!  https://youtu.be/XdJZlNmdqww

Clive, Bev, and Steve hanging out.

New Segment called Bev’s Barn with a look at a bike that spent time in the Guggenheim Museum in New York – We all know that motorcycles are a work of art, ask anyone who loves their bike!

Clive shares a #WTFarkle segment.

The gang goes off-road with  Don Hatton – ADV BMW trainer and Baja Rally veteran.  http://offroadskillscanada.com/

All this and more on this episode of Farkle Garage!  \m/


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