Kim Rock

My Ride:  2003 Ducati 749
Just another classic story of growing up tomboy riding small dirt bikes……to riding on the back of Robin’s 1985 Suzuki GSXR 1100.  He liked having me on the back, as the back wheel would stick to the ground better for cornering at higher speeds.  He took me to a parking lot and taught me how to gear up and down on his 1982 Yamaha Seca 550, and I rode it from Maple Ridge to work in South Burnaby the very next day.  Learning to ride in rush hour traffic on the mainland was a great teacher for slow speeds.
I bought my first bike shortly after that, a 1988 Yamaha FZ600 which I rode for 10 years.  I remember we were at a gas station, and 2 Ducati’s pulled up, I asked Robin….what are those bikes?  They sound and looked so SEXY!!  He explained they are the Ferrari of motorcycles….Ducati was the bike I had to have one day.
Robin taught me a LOT about sportbikes, I used to play a game in rush hour traffic, on guessing the bike by the headlights coming our way!  I sold the Yammy to travel to Europe.
5 years later, I finally took a riding course at Pacific Riding School in Surrey in 2002.  My instructor’s name was Dat Louie!  He was an amazing instructor!  I was blown away how much I learned in theory class alone!  This was a game-changer for me, and my riding skills improved significantly!  I highly recommend all riders new and seasoned to take a course or refresher course!
I bought my first 1998 Ducati 748 in 2003, which I lost in a divorce in 2006, then immediately bought the Duc I still ride today.  I would LOVE a new Panigale 959, but, as my dad would say……  Champagne taste on a beer budget.  C’mon lottery!!
Since I’ve moved to the Island, I’ve participated in the Cowichan Valley’s Canadian Women’s Ride Day for the past 3 years.  It’s always a highlight of the summer to see the growing number of women riders each year.
Even though I’m known as the potty-mouthed bitch, I’m honoured to be a part of Farkle Garage.  Working with Steve, Clive and Dar is so much fun!  I’ve met amazing people, heard great stories from the likes of Bevan, and the many guests we’ve interviewed on the show.
 As the only sportbike rider on the show, my ride style is aggressive and fast day rides!  My hubby, John and I love to ride tight together in unison through the corners on the West side of the Island.  My favourite day ride (to date) is the South Island Loop, hitting Kangaroo Road on the way home.  I am a self-proclaimed speed freak and nothing gets my blood pumping & heart pounding more than ripping and counter-steering through the twisties. Freedom and adrenaline is why I ride!

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