It’s NEVER boring when Clive is around…….

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A Tiny Tiddler – 1964 Suzuki 50cc N15

What is a Tiddler?   Don’t blush, it’s not what you think it is! If you watched episode 9, Clive Ironbutt Brown explained it to the hosts in a ‘tiddlating’ conversation, if you haven’t watched episode 9 check it out here! WTFarkle is a Tiddler?

Meet Jason, this is his ‘tiddler’ a 1964, 2 stroke, 50cc, Suzuki N15. A Tiddler is a vintage bike that is at least 25 years old, 250 cc’s and under. This bike has a story to tell, this little Suzi belonged to his dad when he was young man.  His dad would ride this intrepid little 2 stroke 50cc Suzi over the Hope Princeton Highway Route 3, from Hope to Kelowna to attend University. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is! BC is wild and vast, the Hope Princeton highway is twisty, windy, climbs up steep grades, and has sheer drops. This could be a daunting trip on a little bike and not for the faint of heart. Check out the link to Google for images of the Hope Princeton Highway – YES, this little bike did travel over that mighty highway!    Pictures of Hope Princeton Hwy 3 

In 1969, Jason’s dad lent his Suzi to a friend, unfortunately he drove it over a 6ft cliff, bent the bars, and the Suzi was relegated to the barn, where it sat gathering rust (LOTS of rust) until 1980. Jason rediscovered the bike and his grandpa loaded it onto a truck and brought it to Victoria for him, where it followed him from place to place, patiently waiting to be brought back to life. Finally this 53 year old beauty stirred to life in 2017.

There is beauty in these little old bikes, this one is held together by rust and probably a few prayers. It has  a nice roachy antiqued patina, she needs a lot of work and a little moto botox. During this past winter the Suzi had a brief sojourn at my place with my hubby tinkering with it  trying to get parts un-seized, and getting it shakily running again. It was glorious to see it grumble to life again out of her long moto hibernation.

Last Friday Jason brought the Suzi by for a little TLC and tinkering, the mix was off, she was running, but barely.  She rolled down the street belching a trail of acrid blue smoke, accompanied by the high pitched whine of the 2 stroke engine mixed with coughs and sputters, and the strong smell of gas perfuming the air.

If you look beyond the layers of rust there is a charm to this gnarly little bike.  Jason is slowly polishing off rust, and looking for replacement parts which are hard to come by.  The charm of this restoration is that it is pretty much going to live on its present state.

That is the original tire on the bike.

You better have an iron butt to ride on that seat! Jason has been sanding the rusty chrome bits and managed to get the majority of rust off the back carry rack.

Looks a little roachy doesn’t it?!

I love the look of this vintage 1964 Suzi! It holds a lot of family memories and adventures of the past.  The bike was last insured in BC in 1969, and it is now out of hibernation getting a little TLC, and Jason hopes to pass it onto the next generation, his kids.

Hopefully he will be tiddling along on the roads of Vancouver Island and maybe make it to the Farkle Garage Tiddler run coming up on July 15th.



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Highway 4 Vancouver Island – Rider’s paradise

I recently rode to Tofino on a motorcycle weekend getaway with my husband.  The roads are narrow and twisty – riding nirvana! The scenery is stunning.  If you haven’t ridden Vancouver Island’s Hwy 4, you are missing out! The treasure at the end HWY 4 is the Pacific Rim National Park where Long Beach is located and is a BC surfer mecca.  Just ask Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was out here ripping the waves last summer. At one end of the park is Ucluelet which in the first people’s Nuu chal-nuth language means “People of Safe Harbour” on the other end is the fishing hamlet of Tofino which is situated on the picturesque Clayoquot Sound.

Both communities are accessed via Hwy 4, which is a very isolated stretch of road on Vancouver Island. Tofino and Ucluelet draw tourists from around the globe to take advantage of the stunning scenery, ocean adventures, hiking/camping and the best motorcycle twisties!

Stop by the Visitor Centre to learn a little bit about the area.

On your ride in stop at the Ellis River and dangle your feet in the icy cold water and enjoy the scenery.

Next stop at Long Beach located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and take a stroll on the beach and wiggle your toes in the sand.

Go for a stroll on Long Beach to find the Red Chairs perched on a rock, the view is incredible!  You will find these chairs in most of Canada’s National Parks which encourages visitors to sit and take in the view.

Once you’ve had enough beach time leisurely make your way into Tofino and explore this eclectic little hamlet.  There are quaint shops to browse in and great places to eat! Enjoy your stay!


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Canada 150 – Tell us how you’re celebrating motorcycle style

HAPPY 150th BIRTHDAY CANADA!  Share your 🇨🇦 adventures.  Do you have an epic road trip planned? Keeping it local? Ripping it on the track or riding the ruts in the boonies?

Share your adventures with us!  Continue reading “Canada 150 – Tell us how you’re celebrating motorcycle style”

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Episode 9 What the Farkle is a Tiddler? Intrigued – watch & find out!

Pull up a chair and settle in for an adventure with the Farkle Garage Gang they’ve been busy, and it’s just in time for the start of riding season! 

Clive shows us his Tiddler – intrigued?! Keep watching! The gang talks about electric bikes – wave of the future or glimmer from the past? You might be surprised.  Steve breaks down his race bike, a vintage 1971 Honda CB500 giving it some TLC.  Next up in the garage is an update on the Peashooter story his Harley 350 Single. You can check out the original story here!

Clive, Bev, and Steve hanging out.

New Segment called Bev’s Barn with a look at a bike that spent time in the Guggenheim Museum in New York – We all know that motorcycles are a work of art, ask anyone who loves their bike!

Clive shares a #WTFarkle segment.

The gang goes off-road with  Don Hatton – ADV BMW trainer and Baja Rally veteran.

All this and more on this episode of Farkle Garage!  \m/


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Episode 8! New digs, New Look, New Season!

Pull up a chair and join the Farkle Garage Gang for 30 minutes of Motorcycle TV. In episode 8 the gang is hanging out at Bucky’s Taphouse talking bike with other riders and rocking out to the Farkle Garage Band – Ken, Scotty and Jack. \m/

What does music and motorcycling have in common? Both are therapy.  Check out Steve’s human farkle and Clive brings a whole new meaning to the idea of Take Out and Ride to Eat with this unique farkle, the Muffpot.  Producer Ray takes us to the Baja. Check out this and more!


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Farkle Garage – 15 Second Intro

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Farkle Garage – 30 Second Intro

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Farkle Garage Episode 7 – Saddle Time!

This episode is all about “saddle time”! The gang rips around the South Island Loop, Paul & Clive Iron Butt it to Idaho to visit Klim HQ, Dar meets up with some Postie Bike riders on an epic journey, and Steve dusts off his racing gear! Special Guests Brian & Dayanira Mendoza Domingues stop by to relive their 2 year odyssey. Motorcycle journalist, TV presenter and producer of Neale Bayly Rides joins us in the garage to talk TV and gives us his take on Vancouver Island. All this and more on this episode of Farkle Garage.

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Farkle Garage Backgrounder – The Harley Shovel Heads of Langford

Shaw TV Community Access Show, Farkle Garage host, Clive Brown visits the shovel heads at Phoenix Cycle in Langford, BC. After some digging of his own, Clive learns that the Harley-Davidson shovel head is the motorcycle responsible for that infamous Harley “potato, potato, potato” sound, a sound that is getting harder to hear as mechanics like the boys at Phoenix, disappear.

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