You will be posting either text (“Posts”) or pictures (“Media”).

Posts include embedded YouTube videos.

First, log in to the site (lower left side-bar). A black sidebar, the Admin menu, should appear on the left side.


Click on “Posts->Add New” and a screen with a place for a new post will appear, with a field for the title and a field for the text. Type a title, then type or paste the text for the article into the main data entry field. When you are done with the article, click on the blue “Publish” button in the right sidebar.


Click on “Media”  and a screen with all the current media will be displayed. Click on “Add New” and drop or navigate to the picture you wish to upload. After the progress bar shows that the picture has been uploaded, a thumbnail will appear. Click on it, and then you can add the text you wish for the title, caption, description and Alt fields.

If you want to embed a link in the description or caption, use the HTML code for a hyperlink:

<a href=”{”>Text for link</a>

You can also do this by using the edit page or post screen by typing the text in the field for the story, then using “Link”  button to create the link;  then you switch modes from “Visual” to “Text” (small tab in upper right corner of text entry window) to get the html code to past into the field for the caption or description. Links will not work in the title or Alt fields.

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