Last Shoots and First Cigar Throttle

The ultimate #WTFarkle came to us from our friends in Arizona.  We promised them a few words because, well, this is the coolest farkle we’ve seen in a LONG time!  However, we have a problem.  We can’t put smoking devices on TV – period!  But, we thought you know what, people have got to see this thing at least, so we decided to shoot a short segment on this device.  It’s incredibly well built and if you are really into smoking cigars and want a place to hold it, while you are out on the road, this is the ticket!  Cars still have ash trays, don’t they?  Well then, this is your bike’s ashtray if you will.  Here’s a link to their site:

This shoot was our very last FG shoot for Season One.  We had a couple loose ends to tie off, before sending the completely reworked first season over to CHEK TV for airing in the Fall.  We had a blast!  Just the four of us Farkle Productions Ltd. gang, doing what we love to do – shoot video, talk motorcycles and have fun.  It’s been a hard, long haul, getting prepped for this, but, we are nearly there.  Get ready for some new content, some old stories and a farklin good time on TV, with CHEK!  November.

Author: Paul

Executive Producer for the TV show, Farkle Garage and Director of Farkle Productions Ltd.