Photo op during a studio shoot

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“In garages everywhere, mechanics meet farkles are wrenched, rides are planned, stories are told and dreams are hatched.  This is our garage!”

The dog with his head stuck out the car window gets it!  The smells, the sounds, that rush of speed.  The ride – excitement – with mystery at every turn.  Riding a motorcycle’s like flying, 3 feet off the ground.  The bike, your open cockpit to adventure, feels – alive.  Most riders say their motorcycle has a soul.  To the cager – the car driver – its the alluring thrill and freedom that has them longing for a taste of two-wheeled quest.  You don’t have to be a biker to appreciate FARKLE Garage.

Meet a guy whose dearest bike returned to him over 50 years later; Wrench with the builder who won’t let Parkinson’s stop him from finishing a classic Harley peashooter, who’s transmission, incidentally was found buried in a garden.  Iron Butt ride to Idaho and visit a company making riding safer.  Soar with a young teen who closer to his family because of his ability to sail 36 meters through space, at over 80 km an hour.  Visit the gang at Freakshow Choppers, who’s builds got them an invite to the Playboy mansion.  Get creative with the young millennial who’s reinventing sexy and turning heads around the world.  All this and more on these episodes of FARKLE Garage.

FARKLE Garage, (Season One) shares 13, 23:50 episodes with viewers eager to live vicariously through show hosts like Clive “Iron Butt” Brown. Clive’s a guy whose idea of travel is riding 100 thousand kilometers a year – a guy who routinely rides over 1600 kilometers, in a single day.  Or Canadian motorcycle hall-of-famer, Steve Drane.  A man who’s ridden or raced nearly every motorcycle made, from steam-powered to top fueler.  Steve grew up riding.  HIs childhood ride, a motorcycle with a wooden frame, powered by, a washing machine engine.  Today, he’s part of the team building what could well become, the world’s fasted Harley. Then there’s television & radio personality, Kim Rock, a sport bike rider, most of her life, who helps keep the show rolling and keeps the hosts in line.

The magazine-style show, hosted from inside Farkle Garage, focuses on the people within the stories.  Each bike is unique and beautiful in its own right, but they are but a part of the narrative.  The show’s audience; anyone who loves motorcycles and those who love the quirky, interesting and inviting destinations and stories they bring to them.  Each FARKLE Garage story within each episode is shot in a micro-documentary style, ranging in length from 3 to 5 minutes on average.  Each episode is shot in HD with Season Two being shot in 4K.

Recurring Segments:

Bev’s Barn:          A fabulous collection of bikes with incredible stories.  His FN, for instance, tells the tale of courage during WWII.  It’s German owner stripping the bike and hiding the parts.  If the Nazis find it, they will shoot him.

#WTFarkle: Innovative and interesting motorcycle accessories segment, like the Kelowna built, Trail Tail, a one wheeled bike trailer, perfect for camping.

Ride To Eat:         A new segment teased in episode 13.  Everyone loves destination food.  We feature a beautiful ride, a bit of food history and a mystery meal whipped up by the chef and hosts.  Of course we farkle it up a bit – our first segment features camel balls.

So, what’s a farkle?  A motorcycle term used by adventure riders and those who like to add function and sparkle to their machines, hence, farkle.  And that’s what FARKLE Garage is, a show that has something a little special, for everyone.


Cast & Crew of FARKLE Garage:

Paul Beilstein, Rider/Executive Producer

Dar Duncan, Rider/Instructor/Host

Kim Rock, Rider/Host

Clive Brown, Rider/Builder/Host

Steve Drane, Rider/Builder/Host

Orlando Carillo, Rider/Executive Producer